Bed crown canopy
  • Bed crown canopy
  • Bed canopy
  • Bed crown
  • Bed crown canopy
  • Bed crown canopy
  • craftsman in his studio
  • Craftsman in his studio
  • Bed canopy

Bed crown canopy head for bed decoration


Bed crown canopy Gold

L 90 H 80 cm inches

H 35.43 W 31.49


You can choose :

- the colour

- finishing

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A Trumeau-mirror is a made of wood (wood panel) with a mirror in the lower part and a wooden sculpture or painting in the upper part.
They are usually gilded with gold leaf and poly chrome.
The piers are usually found above a fireplace, but they are also often placed above a dresser.
The golden age of the trumeaux-mirrors is the XVII century.
It is very interesting to mix a trumeau-mirror in a modern or contemporary decoration.

ciel de lit demie couronne
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